The Enterprise

The BECO Group GmbH based in Frechen was founded with the help of Chinese investors. The purpose of the enterprise can be divided into three categories:

Investment in all areas. Management of assets. Purchase and acquisition of companies, holding and management of capital investment of any kind at home and abroad.

Real estate:
Construction and operation of exhibition and storage facilities. Organization of fairs of any kind. Construction and operation of a business center. Purchase and sale of properties and real estate. Letting and management of residential buildings.

Consulting services of any kind, especially business consulting, legal and tax consulting and HR services.

BECO Group currently owns six subsidiaries in Germany: 

The main area of operation of BECO furniture GmbH is the distribution of upholstery, dining furniture, office furniture and garden furniture from China, including the marketing of the “China Furniture Permanent Fair”. BECO furniture represents China’s leading furniture manufacturers who aim to sell their products to European customers. The management of BECO furniture GmbH has more than ten years working experience within the Chinese furniture market and cooperates with renowned manufacturers in the areas of design and production. BECO furniture offers its products to furniture stores and end customers at competitive prices throughout Germany.

BECO Real Estate GmbH is specialized in the business of real estate. The area of operation is divided into three categories: Development of construction projects, estate agency and property management. BECO Real Estate is the first Chinese company in Germany that operates in all areas of the real estate industry and is therefore able to offer a broad range of services to its customers. The place of business is Cologne and the surrounding area.

BECO Innovations- und Bildungszentrum GmbH developed the city-campus-project in Frechen, cooperates and builds bridges with domestic and foreign universities as well as research institutions, and provides various forms of education related consulting services.

The other three companies under BECO Group‘s umbrella are Frechen City Campus Development GmbH, Düren City Park Villa Development GmbH and Solingen Projekt Josefstraße Development GmbH. They, respectively, operate and manage the projects in Frechen, Düren as well as Solingen, and provide extended support.