Enterprise philosophy

With our many years of experience, BECO Group GmbH made the goals of "virtue, diligence, reliability and sustainability" the core of the company philosophy.

Virtue – We incorporate both the teachings of Confucianism and the ideals of humanism: We are convinced that cultivating virtue will benefit every employee and every team, which is why we strive to set an example in this process. We value self-discipline as well as mutual respect and appreciation. As a company, we want to work and think in accordance with the needs of public good. This corresponds with a quote from Confucius who said: “A virtuous man will never be lonely; he will always have neighbors”.

Diligence – We believe that diligence is the source of all progress. Thus, we regard diligence as the most important criterion when evaluating employees. We encourage our employees to use diligence as the basis for their work and progress and incorporate it into their thinking, their actions and innovative ideas.


Reliability – We believe that reliability and trust are at the basis of success for any company. Trust in the company and the individual is also creating a successful work environment.


Sustainability – In our team, we put special emphasis on sustainable development and the realization of projects that promise long-term yield. We are not looking for short-term gain, but focus on steady and reliable rise in value. By building our portfolio in a determined and patient fashion and building on our previous success, we strive to gain even more trust.